3 Best UK Scrambling Routes for Beginners

01 November 2022
5 min

Scrambling is great way to add some extra thrill into your next hiking adventure.

It’s essentially a combination of hiking and rock climbing – it involves using your hands to help you ascend a slope or ridge line.


Grade One scrambles are a great way to see beautiful views with a bit of extra mountain exposure, experiencing something new without feeling out of your depth.


The UK has some beautiful grade one scramble routes that you can try out yourself!


snowdonia scramblin

1.     Snowdonia, Wales.

A beautiful spot for all kinds of hikes, the mountain Tryfan isn’t technically difficult but gives the true outdoor mountaineering experience.


600m of scrambling over untouched terrain of boulders and rocks.


Or Crib Goch, climb your way to the top of the highest mountain in Wales on a slightly more challenging, incredibly exposed, adrenaline-rushing ridge.


Check out Guide Base: Introduction to Rock Climbing to scramble your way through the beautiful views of Snowdonia.

 ben nevis scrambling

2.     Ben Nevis, Scotland.

The versatile CMD Route to Ben Nevis offers two very different experiences in the winter and summer months.


In Summer, this is a perfect grade one scramble route. Another great benefit, it’s much quieter than other routes, if you don’t feel like being in a queue of tourists on other hiking tracks. Not too challenging technically, with incredible views – a winner!


In Winter, this route is best enjoyed by those with great winter outdoor experience.


Try Guide Base: Winter Skills experience to prepare yourself for this route in the winter months.


Want to try this route? Guided by experienced outdoor explorer Danny Barden, hike, climb and scramble your way through the CMD Route with Guide Base. 

lake district scramble

3.     Lake District.

The Lake District offers some incredibly thrilling grade one scramble routes.


For beginners, Sharp Edge, Blencathra in the Lake District comes up trumps. It’s slightly more challenging than the others, with it’s thrilling sharp edge to climb.


Best enjoyed in the dry summer, this route can be very slippery and caution is advised.


Guide Base’s very own Sam Marsland offers Lake Distrct Scrambling routes that can take you from grade one all the way to grade three! Click here.