Expedition & Wilderness Training

Designed for Paramedics, Doctors, Students, Guides, Healthcare Professionals and Outdoor Instructors, Guide Base provides comprehensive and flexible training for the most challenging environments.

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What we do...

Through specialist online educational courses and bespoke wilderness training, improve your patient assessment, teamwork, leadership and adventure skills for remote and extreme environments.

Learn from more than 150 Mountain Guides, Doctors, Paramedics and Search and Rescue Technicians who have hands-on experience in the most remote and challenging environments around the world. 

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Need expertise?

Backed by one of the biggest teams of outdoor professionals and medical staff in the industry, we offer event consultancy services for remote activities in challenging environments. 

Relying on years of combined experience, we provide specialist medics, mountain leaders and personnel to support environmentally difficult operations. 

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We work alongside qualified and experienced Doctors and Paramedics who have experience working in challening pre-hospital enviroments
Our team of outdoor professionals have unparalleled expertise to ensure safe and unforgettable training experiences. We work with industry leading partners and outdoor professionals
Our experienced staff bring knowledge, dedication, and proficiency, contributing to an invaluable base of environment specific expertise
Guide Base offers online courses ranging from naviation to human factors. Continuous professional development through training is fundimental to staying safe outside