About Guide Base

How does Guide Base work?

Guide Base allows you to find qualified guides in outdoor activities of your choice. Simply search, chat and book the guide of your choice for a bespoke trip, or search one of our pre-planned trips for a hassle free experience.

How much does Guide Base cost?

To ensure we can continue to offer fantastic trips, Guide Base doesn't charge a commission fee to guides, however, there is a 10% (GBP) admin fee to customers on all transactions.

For example, if your trip costs £110 the guide would receive £100, and the remaining £10 is used to develop and grow an amazing community of outdoor adventurers.

How do I find the right trip?

To search for a pre-planned trip, select 'trips' from the top left menu on the home page. Select the desired activity, location, and duration from the left filter menu. All activities matching your criteria will now be shown. You can further filter this list according to activity level, location radius, and price. When choosing a trip, it may be helpful to view customer and guide reviews.

How do I find the right guide?

To search for a guide to create a bespoke trip, select 'guides' from the top left menu on the home page. Select the desired activity and location from the left filter menu. All guides matching your criteria will now be shown.

Which activities are offered?

Guide Base offers a range of summer and winter activities. Activities can be filtered on the search pages from guides and trips. Certain activities will be more accessible during the winter or summer seasons. For example, outdoor ice climbing is only possible in winter, whereas rock climbing is more popular in summer.

Who leaves reviews?

So to develop a community of fantastic adventures, both customers and guides can review one another after the adventure. Guide reviews may be based on factors such as communication, knowledge, friendliness, or experience. Customer reviews may be based on factors including communication or behavior. Adventure sports offer incredible experiences, however it's important to foster a community of respect to ensure we all stay safe!

Are trips suitable for children?

Some trips may be suitable for children, however this is at the guide's digression. We recommend contacting the organising guide if you or a member of your party is under 18 years of age. All children must be accompanied at all times. 

I can't find my preferred location on Guide Base?

The list of locations is constantly growing. If you cannot find the location you are looking for, please contact us - tom@guidebase.com. We may be able to help find you a guide in your area.

My chosen trip has no reviews?

The guide has most probably only recently registered with Guide Base, or the trip is new. Because of this, no reviews have been left yet. Missing reviews do not indicate the quality of the guide or trip.

How are prices displayed?

Prices for trips are displayed per person, per trip. Please contact the guides through the Guide Base messaging system for rates.

I have a question about an activity... Who do I ask?

We recommend contacting the lead guide for all activity related questions. Simply click ''Send a message'' on the trip or guide profile. If you need any further information, or the guide was unable to answer your question, send us a message - tom@guidebase.com

How do I make a booking?

After selecting your trip, or invoice select the ''Book Now'' button. Enter your information and select ''Make payment''. The guide organizing the activity will be sent a notification of the booking request. The guide has 24 hours to accept or reject the booking. Once the booking is accepted, the booking becomes binding and your payment method will be charged. If the guide refuses the booking, you will be notified and no charge will be made.

Do I need a Guide Base account to make bookings?

Yes. Guide Base is a fantastic community of adventurers, and we'd love to have you on the team!

Do I need to provide my credit card details to make a booking?

Yes. We require payment details so to avoid delayed in the booking process. We accept all major credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, China UnionPay, credit and debit cards).

Is the booking binding?

Once the booking has been made and is accepted by the guide, it is binding for all parties. Cancellation is possible, however fee's may occur. See our Cancellation Policy for full details.

Is there a booking fee?

We charge a 10% (GBP) admin fee on all transactions.

Do I get a confirmation that my booking has been made?

Yes! You will receive an email within 24 hours of booking confirming the activity date, time and meet location. In the case of bespoke trips, the guide will send you this information.

How do I contact my guide?

Simply click ''Send Message'' on their profile or trip overview.

How long does it take for a guide to answer my booking request?

Guides are often very proactive and respond quickly to requests. We set a limit of 24 hours for all responses. If you have not received a reply from your booking request within 24 hours, please contact Guide Base at tom@guidebase.com and we will get in touch with the guide.

My booking request was declined, what next?

Your guide was likely unavailable or the trip was full. You have not been charged. Please try again with another guide, or we can help you find the perfect trip! Just get in touch at tom@guidebase.com

My guide has not replied to my booking request within 24 hours?

If you have not received a reply from your booking request within 24 hours, please contact Guide Base at tom@guidebase.com and we will get in touch with the guide.

I have arrived at the activity meet point but my guide is not here?

Please confirm the meeting point with your guide as soon as possible. If you're unable to reach your guide, please contact Guide Base immediately. We will do our best to help you and resolve the situation.


I want to change my booking, what can I do?

If you need to change your booking, please contact your guide directly. If major changes are made, price adjustments may occur at the discretion of the guide.