About Guide Base

Who can sign up to Guide Base as a guide?

Anyone can sign up to Guide Base as a Guide if they have a nationally recognized, in-date qualification. The term 'Guide' covers both instructors and mountain guides. Guides must have personal insurance covering the trips they offer. Evidence of qualifications and insurance is required at sign-up. Guide Base is not an employer.

How does Guide Base work?

Guide Base allows adventurers to search, communicate, and book activities directly with guides and instructors. Guides can create a unique profile, offer trips and courses, or accept bespoke trip bookings all through the Guide Base platform.

How much does Guide Base cost?

Guide Base is free for all users to create an account and list adventures. Guide Base charges a 10% admin fee to customers for successful bookings.

Why should I sign up to Guide Base?

Guide Base is a powerful marketing platform for guides to increase their exposure and bring on board more clients. Guide Base registration is free of charge and already has a loyal community of adventurers.

Can I promote my Guide Base page elsewhere? e.g. Facebook, Blog, Website...

Yes. We strongly recommend you link, share, and promote your Guide Base profile wherever you can. Anyone who visits your Guide Base account is a potential customer and might book one of your trips. If you don't have an exciting Facebook page for your outdoor activities, why not set one up with a link to your Guide Base profile? It's a great way to show potential customers what you can offer.

Managing your profile 

How do I sign up for Guide Base?

From the homepage of the website, click on ''Register''. From here, select ''Guide'' and create your Guide Base profile. You will receive an activation link via email shortly after registration. Follow this link to complete your profile and create trips. If you have any questions, please get in touch at admin@guidebase.com

How do I upload my profile picture and create a profile?

To edit your profile, log in and make changes as required.

How do I use Guide Base if I offer different activities in multiple locations?

If you offer trips in several locations, we recommend setting your ''home'' location to the nearest town or village where you spend the most time. Each trip must have its location. We recommend this be set to the starting location.

How can I improve my visibility in the search rankings?

The ranking system is based on an algorithm that calculates the following factors:

  • Complete profiles that are regularly updated take priority over incomplete profiles.
  • The more quality images and trips on your profile, the higher your visibility
  • Quick response times to booking requests improve account viability
  • Customer reviews. The more positive reviews you and your trips have, the higher they will show in the search results.

What can I do to my profile to increase my bookings?

Detailed profiles give potential clients a good view of your experience, who you are as a guide, and how your trips work as most popular. Don't forget that reviews are a big influence on customers, so remember to encourage clients to leave reviews after every trip.

I cannot find my profile on Guide Base?

Please allow up to 48 hours for your profile to be displayed after signup. Your profile will only be displayed once the Guide Base team has manually reviewed it. If you need to provide any further information, we will be in touch.

Why do I need to provide my bank details?

So to avoid delays in the booking process, we require your billing details. This can easily be done when setting up your Guide base profile. All banking information is stored by third-party merchant 'Stripe'.

How do I change my password?

Select 'Login' from the Guide Base homepage. From here, select 'Reset my password'. You will receive an email shortly detailing how to reset your password.

How do I change my registered email address?

Please log in to your profile and make any necessary changes.

How can I delete my Guide Base account?

To delete your account, please send an email to admin@guidebase.com. We appreciate all feedback & aim to resolve any issues before deleting accounts.

I found a problem with the website, who should I contact?

If you find a problem or have a recommendation, please send it to admin@guidebase.com

Managing your trips

How do I manage my trips?

You can easily create, view, and manage your trips from your profile. You can set trip specifics such as difficulty level, location, included and excluded activities, and whether there is a minimum or maximum number of participants. Pictures of the trip should also be uploaded and your availability updated in your profile calendar.

I'm not available during certain period's and I don't want to receive requests when I'm not available. What can I do?

Once you have created a Guide Base profile, you will have a personal calendar. Please keep your availability regularly updated so booking requests are only sent when you have said you're available. Failing to update your calendar may result in declining bookings which can harm your Guide Base ranking.

Do I have to update my calendar?

Yes, please keep your calendar updated so customers only send booking requests when you have availability.

What is the difference between a bespoke trip and a pre-planned trip booking?

Customers have the option to book with guides in two ways. They can select and book a pre-planned trip, or they can contact a guide directly for a bespoke booking. If a customer purchases a pre-planned trip, you will receive a notification to accept or decline the booking. Please respond to this within 24 hours. Once you accept the pre-planned trip booking, the booking is binding. If you have agreed on a bespoke trip with a customer via messenger, you can raise an invoice through the Guide Base platform. Once the customer has made payment, the booking is binding.

About booking requests 

I received a booking request, what happens next?

Once you have received a booking request, you will be notified via email. Please accept or decline the request within 24 hours by going to 'bookings' within your Guide Base profile.

Does declining a request affect my account?

Declining booking requests will hurt your Guide Base rating. In turn, this may lead to your account not showing as high in search results. To avoid disappointing customers, please keep your calendar regularly updated.

How long do I have to reply to a booking request?

Please respond to all requests as fast as possible. If you have not replied within 24 hours, we may try and contact you directly.

What happens if I don't reply to a booking request within 24 hours?

After 24 hours, Guide Base reserves the right to cancel the booking or allocate it to another guide.

I confirmed a booking, what happens next?

Please make sure that you have contacted to customer and provided them with all the required details. After the trip is complete, please encourage your customer to leave a positive review. The more positive reviews a guide or trip has, the higher it will appear in search results.


How will I receive payment?

Payments are made to the bank account you provided during sign-up. Please ensure the details are correct and up to date. All payments are released within 24 hours of the date of the trip.

When will I receive payment?

All payments are released within 24 hours of the date of the trip. If there is a dispute of the event didn't take place, Guide Base reserves the right to withhold funds while the event is investigated.

Do I get an invoice?

Yes, you will receive an invoice via email once the payment has been released.


Can I cancel a trip?

Guides may only cancel an accepted booking in exceptional cases. If you have to cancel, please contact us at tom@guidebase.com

What happens in the case of a customer cancellation?

If the customer cancels a booking that has been confirmed, our cancellation and refund policies apply. If you are entitled to a cancellation fee, this will be transferred to your bank account and you will be notified by email.