Why is hiking so good for you?

12 March 2024
3 min

Jaw-dropping views, fresh air and the sounds and smells of nature surrounding you. Those are just a handful of the amazing benefits that hiking has to offer. Not only that, but it’s good for you too! Hiking provides a well-needed escape from modern day life. Let’s face it, (ignoring the virus) our lives are now busier than ever. Nine to five jobs, hectic social calendars and everyday life is enough to keep us bubbling with stress beneath the surface. Hiking provides a calming effect that only nature can offer.

As you’ve probably guessed from the previous paragraph, we love hiking! That’s why we’ve gathered some of the top reasons why you should give it a go.


1.       Hiking makes us happy

Being in nature is ingrained into our DNA, and as a species we often forget that. Interestingly, research has shown that hiking has a positive impact on helping with stress and anxiety. That’s partly because getting out into nature decreases ‘rumination’. This can be explained as negative thought patterns that play over and over in our heads. Essentially, don’t underestimate the power of being outdoors as it can really play a part in making us happier. Hiking is no different!

2.       Hiking makes us fit and energetic

Hiking is an awesome way to improve your fitness. If you really want to push yourself, add some some hills and incline segments into your hiking route as this will force your heart to work harder! Also, if you want to engage those core muscles and balance within your hike, try walking on an uneven surface as this provides a natural way to engage those muscles.

In terms of your energy levels, aerobic activities such as hiking provide extra oxygen and fuel to your muscles and organs. Why is this important I hear you ask? Well, this extra oxygen and fuel provides a boost that strengthens your muscles and lungs, which subsequently gives you a well-earnt energy boost!

3.       Hiking builds relationships

Don’t get me wrong, hiking alone can be a great thing to do, but hiking with friends and sharing that experience is extra special. Having a friend to join you along the way can be a great thing to connect with another person in a setting that is free of unnecessary distractions. That way, it brings you closer together to create those all-important memories, which is what life is all about.


What we’re trying to say is, hiking is not only good for our bodies, but it’s good for our moods, minds and relationships too. Get outdoors and the make the most of it!