Why is surfing so good for your health?

04 August 2020
2 min

As you may know, surfing is a super cool pastime, but its benefits stretch far greater than that. Surfing can also be a great wellness activity that can drastically improve your fitness, health and ability to navigate difficult waters.

You may be tired of the same old exercise routines and are desperate to get out of those 4 boring walls we like to call the gym! But how can you keep your body toned without going to the gym we hear you ask? That’s right, surfing!

Surfing simultaneously works out the muscles in your shoulders, back, core and legs all at the same time! Once you’ve been surfing for a few weeks, you’ll quickly start to see your body adapt to the stresses of the activity. Not only does surfing allow you to get in shape, but it won’t even feel like you’re working out because let’s face it, being in the water is so enjoyable.

Now we’ve cleared up the fact that surfing can get you in shape, let’s look at another amazing benefit it has. For example, did you know that salt water can have amazing benefits for your skin? It can also cleanse cuts and sores and even help get rid of acne! Also, if you’re unfortunate enough to drink in some salt water during your time on the board, you may notice it’s pretty great at clearing your nasal passages too. Pretty neat, right?

Finally, once you’ve finished an intense surf session, your body will need rest. Due to the incredible demands of a physical activity such as surfing, your body will find it much easier to sleep. This is perfect for those night owls who struggle to get those all-important 8 hours that your body needs to function at its best.

So there you have it, those are the benefits of surfing in a nutshell. Bet you never thought going to the beach had so many amazing benefits?