Bodyboarding – A quick fire guide

16 September 2020
2 min

Bodyboarding is the ability of riding waves in a prone position. If done correctly, the surfer will ride a bodyboard on the crest, face, and curl of a wave so that it successfully carries them to shore. When you begin to understand the correct positioning and technique, it can be incredibly exciting to ride at high speeds towards the beach. There’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular water sports in the world!

The original idea for the modern bodyboard began in California, USA, when Tom Morey watched some young kids surfing on polyethylene foam logs held together with PVC pipe. Following this, he developed his inspiration into the ‘boogie’ board! Since then, bodyboarding has experienced rapid growth episodes, both as an industry and as an extreme sport.

Bodyboarding has actually served as a stepping stone for many of the world's top surfers and helps beginners learn surfing more easily. An important trend spurring the growth for the bodyboarding market is the introduction of bodyboards with different designs. This has ensured people all ages, shapes and sizes can use a suitable piece of equipment to get the most out of their experience in the water.

As enjoyable as this activity can be, the dangers of the water are always something to consider. You’ll need to find to correct the shoreline and tides in order to fully experience this water sport. Our trained bodyboarding professionals are able to place you in the right spots to aid your initial development. If you’re pretty confident already, our guides can take things up a notch, encouraging you to ride those bigger waves!

Regardless of your ability, everyone can enjoy bodyboarding! Whether you’re catching your very first wave or perfecting your technique, our instructors can help. You can enjoy focused coaching from a trained bodyboarding instructor, which makes the most of your precious time in the water.

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