Rope Work (Advanced Scrambling - Grade 2/3+)

United Kingdom
Group size
Groups of 2 only please
Experience level
2 days
10 miles
This course will cover the fundimentals of advanced scrambling, including gear placement and moving over technical ground.

About the trip

This course is for those who have some experience of grade one/ two scrambling and wish to advance to grade three scrambling.

Moving from grade one scrambling to grade three and above can be intimidating, there are lots of things to consider. This course will be carefully tailored to suit your ability and previous experience and is therefore suitable and open to all abilities.

Practice skills such as:
Safe movement
Route planning and choice
Rescue techniques
Rope work
Gear placement

These courses are bespoke to individuals based on their experience.

There may be around 10 miles of walking per day.

We can be flexible on locations around the UK and Scotland. Please let us know where you're based and we'll arrange a suitable spot with one of our qualified outdoor guides.

Missing anything? We can help. Please email for hire requests.

Price per person for one day


We will meet over a coffee in the morning at 0900 and run through scrambling equipment and how to use it safely. We go over the fundamentals of scrambling knots as well as the essential techniques for effective belaying and scrambling. After that, we put all of this knowledge into practice by honing our scrambling technique.

Day one may include leading or 'shadow' leading depending on confidence and ability. There's no pressure.

Planning and preparation
Clothing, gloves and gear
Fundamental climbing skills
Movement coaching and climbing styles
We meet again at 0900 and immediately move outside to begin the scrambling. Perhaps attempting your first grade three scrambles under our careful supervision, if you feel ready!

You can step up the challenge at your own speed as your competence and confidence grow. We also go over abseiling, avoiding typical issues, withdrawing from routes and some basic rescue techniques.

Planning and preparation
Clothing, gloves and gear
Fundamental climbing skills
Tying in, belaying
Placing and removing gear
Movement coaching and climbing styles


Qualified guide
High quality training
Climbing harness
Climbing hardware

Not included

Hiking shoes
Suitable clothing
30L to 40L rucksack
Lunch & water
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