Improve Your Rock Climbing With Performance Coaching

Llanberis, Caernarfon, UK
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2 hours
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Indoor performance coaching from a development coach with a Master's degree in Elite Performance. Indoors, minimum 2 hour but no maximum. Bespoke syllabus to identify and suit your weaknesses

About the trip

We've all hit plateaus in our climbing performance that we've struggled to overcome. We have several choices once we get to one: plug away and hope for gains somewhere; read, read and read some more to try and find the best way to improve; or hire a coach that can help!

At Prowess Coaching, our sessions are totally student-led. That means we will work with you to find the weakness holding you back and then put things in place to overcome them and keep you improving long after the session has finished. You'll receive a Personalised Session Report for every session for you to refer back to as and when you need to revisit.

The price quoted is for a 1:1 session for two hours but reduced rates are available for small groups (between 2 and 6 climbers) or for large groups (between 7 and 12). Session lengths can be anything from 2 hours upwards, just let us know what you want!


Belay devices
Qualified and experienced coach
Personalised Session Report

Not included

Climbing Shoes
Personal kit
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