Guided Outdoor Bouldering In Wales

Llanberis, Caernarfon, UK
Group size
No restrictions
Experience level
6 hours
30 miles
This course is designed to help you transition from indoor to outdoor bouldering in the mountains and coast of North Wales. You'll not only receive a guide to the crags but also coaching on how to stay safe and make the most of your day

About the trip

Transitioning from indoor to outdoor bouldering can be daunting, stressful and even possibly dangerous if not done correctly. Prowess Coaching has extensive bouldering experience (700+ ascents at 100+ crags in 9 countries) as well as being a highly qualified performance coach (Development Coach Award and a Masters degree in Elite Performance) to offer you not only a tour of some of the hotspots on North Wales but also performance coaching out at the crag.

We'll start off looking at your skills and finding the right place to head for you, as well as for the conditions on the day. Then we'll head in to the crag, look at suitable warm up practices and the differences from indoor to outdoor bouldering. Finally, we'll find a project to work on and look at some of the intricacies of outdoor bouldering in greater detail. Along the way, we'll try and refine your own skills and abilities.

This course isn't just designed to show you where the boulders are. It is designed to help you learn the skills to be able to come back time and again and work towards being able to enjoy outdoor bouldering on your own in future.


Performance Coaching
Bouldering Mats
Personalised Session Report

Not included

Rock Shoes
Personal equipment
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