Mountains for the Mind: My hiking experience

20 December 2019
4 min

Climbing Snowdon was always a goal of mine. But choosing the best path to climb Snowdon can be confusing. In fact, before our trip to Snowdonia, I had no clue myself. I did a lot of research to pick the right track for us and I am now sharing that information with you. Together with some tips and advice about all the things that you really need to know before you start your ascent.

Pictures depicting Snowdon’s beauty aren’t an uncommon sight in the UK. Snowdon is gorgeous in every weather. On a lovely clear day, on less clear days and even covered in snow.

And did you know, that to reach the summit of Snowdon is a common challenge among teenagers here in Great Britain? In fact,  The Princes Trust encourages the younger generation to climb Ben Nevis in Scotland, Scafell Pike in England and Snowdon in Wales, all in one single weekend. This is commonly referred to as the Three Peaks Challenge. And whoever achieves it, is rewarded with a medal. At the same time money is usually raised to help change the lives of the UK’s most disadvantaged young people.

I clearly remember admiring my friend’s brother when he set off on his journey with the Prince’s Trust. Actually, I think that’s when I first set the goal to reach the summit of Snowdon for myself. Sadly, I never made it to the top of the tallest mountain in Wales as a teenager. And to be honest it has been one of my biggest regrets ever since.

There are numerous ways up Snowdon. In summer, you can even hop onto a train rather than arduously climb to the top. In fact, there is a path for everyone, no matter your skill level.  You can make it up to the peak of Snowdon whether you are a professional hiker or just a beginner enthusiast. The problem is picking the right route to the top. So let me help you with that.

In this post, I am going to outline everything you need to know before you set out on your route up to the peak of Mount Snowdon, including how long the climb takes for each path and the level of difficulty.

Please be careful

Snowy road

Whether you are planning to tackle Crib Goch or hike up one of the other six paths, the ascent of Snowdon can be demanding and even treacherous at times.

The mountainous terrain with its steep gradients and rocky paths can be challenging and will even require a certain amount of scrambling. All paths have some fairly steep parts to them, so none can be described as an easy stroll. Although many thousands of people climb Snowdon each year, it is still a mountain with steep cliffs in places and can be very dangerous.

Whichever route you take up the mountain, be sure to look out for markers which will show you the way down – it is easy to take a wrong path, and some are not suitable for inexperienced walkers, or those without proper climbing gear.

Please be aware of

  • Because of the numbers of visitors conservation work is ongoing in the mountains.  Be sure to keep clear of areas where the path has been diverted to guard against erosion.
  • Please also make sure to look out for loose scree and steep slopes. It is easy to lose your footing!
  • Most of the walks will take you across farmland, where sheep roam freely.  If you take your dog with you it must be on a lead.
  • If you are climbing Snowdon for the first time opt for an easier path. If you enjoy the experience you can always return and select another path with totally different views.
  • If you are planning to undertake your journey in winter (like us), please be aware that the ground underfoot can become treacherous and should not be attempted by novice walkers.
  • You should never attempt to climb to the summit of Snowdon, without being prepared or doing at least a bit of preliminary research.