Mountain Crew Resource Management (CRM)

United Kingdom
This online course dives into the Human Factors (HF) of avalanche terrain using the concepts of 'Crew Resource Management' (CRM) from the aviation industry.
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About the trip

Train your brain for avalanche terrain and learn practical tools you can use on the mountain.

You will learn how to use CRM to understand human vulnerabilities and develop strategies to help make the right decisions and improve safety when working in avalanche terrain.

Four sections to work through at you own pace: Crew Resource Management, Human Factors theory, CRM Behaviours and CRM Tools.

6-8 hours of material including videos, audio interviews and links to further reading.

Optional exercises allowing comments and discussion. Optional and ungraded quiz allowing you to test your knowledge.

Accredited as continuing professional development (CPD) for the British Association of Mountain Guides (BMG), British Association of International Mountain Leaders (BAIML) and the Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI).

About the writer, James Thacker

I am used to working at the sharp end of HF in avalanche terrain, as a mountain guide, instructor and avalanche forcaster.

I have put this course together to promote HF and train your brain for avalanche terrain... Why? So we can enjoy safer days in the mountains.
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