Introduction to Multi-Pitch climbing

United Kingdom
Group size
Groups of 2 only please
Experience level
2 days
2 miles
Looking to start milti-pitch climbing outdoors? This is a two-day course focused on learning how to safely climb and belay on multi-pitch routes outside.

About the trip

This course is for those who have some indoor or outdoor rock-climbing experience and wish to advance to leading trad routes outside.

Moving from indoor climbing to real rock can be intimidating, there are lots of things to consider. This course aims to introduce climbers to leading on the real stuff! This course will be carefully tailored to suit your ability and previous experience and is therefore suitable and open to all abilities. The venues selected will also be slected to support your progression.

Practice skills such as:
How to select and judge leader placed protection
Build sound belays
Movement skills
Finding and accessing your route
Moving as a pair on a route

These courses are bespoke to individuals based on their experience.

To get the most out of your course, we recommend you have a level of climbing around V2/3 or 5a (font).

There may be around 5 miles of walking per day.

We can be flexible on locations around the UK and Scotland. Please let us know where you're based and we'll arrange a suitable spot with one of our qualified outdoor guides.

Missing anything? We can help. Please email for hire requests.

Price per person for two days


Learn appropriate skills (tailored to you) e.g. Knots, belaying, movement skills, anchor removal replacement.
Complete an interesting and appropriately challenging multi-pitch rock climb.
Descend and return to the Parking area.
Debrief and Plan for tomorrow
We normally aim to be finished for around 5pm.
We will normally aim to visit a new and different area. Today we would look to revise skills learned yesterday as well as introduce some new skills.


Climbing harness
Climbing hardware
Qualified instructor
Expert local knowledge

Not included

Suitable clothing
Rock climbing shoes
30L to 40L Rucksack
Lunch & Water
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