Indoor Rock Climbing Coaching

Southampton, UK
Group size
1 - 6 people
Experience level
3 hours
0 miles
Have you caught the bug for climbing or been motivated by the Olympic Games? Want to learn more advanced skills to wow the others at the climbing gym or even improve your own confidence? This course is for you. Can be tailored to your goals.

About the trip

This course is aimed at anyone who is looking for personalised climbing tuition; top rope confidence building to performance lead climbing.

Through tailored coaching based on your performance and goals you will come away from the session with new and improved skills.

Get in touch with your current experience so we can plan your first session!

Example sessions:
- Improving top rope confidence,
- Improving lead climbing confidence
- Be a better belayer, trying a range of belay devices
- Tackling an overhang, how do the pro's do it?
- Perfecting slab tactics
- Technique or power...?

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