Montserrat Rock Climbing Trip

Barcelona, Catalonia
Group size
Groups of 2 only please
Experience level
3 days
2 miles
The mountain of Montserrat offers visitors a wide variety of climbing routes, for all levels and for both beginners and experts. I propose a three-day trip doing sport, multi-pitch and a third day an activity to choose.

About the trip

Meet up location each day will be in the Monastery train station, and from there, we will hike to the crag, which will be different each day so you can know different areas of the mountain at the end of the trip.
My proposal is
Each day session will last about 6-8 hours.
The always mild weather in Montserrat allows you to do this activity all year round except for the hottest days of July and August.
In the same mountain, there are several possibilities to stay, and if not, the center of the city of Barcelona is only 1 hour. from the climbing destination.
My proposal is;
Day one --> sport climbing discover
Day two --> Introduction to multi-pitch
Day three --> The activity you like.
I can adapt to your necessities or motivations and tailor a specific plan for you


During this first contact we will learn the basics of sport climbing, equipment and safety maneuvers.
At the end of the day you will be able to climb and belay autonomously and with maximum safety bolted routes
The same of the previous day but for multi-pitch bolted routes. Today, we will experience what it means to climb a 4 pitches climbing route and the rappel technique to descend.
We’ll hike to climb one of the most iconic needles of the mountain, choosing one that fits your physical and technical level.
There are plenty to choose from!!
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All the technical material, so you can travel light.
Full insurance for the time of the activity

Not included

Transport to/from your place to Montserrat. If you don’t have your own car, I’ll provide all the information to arrive by public transportation.
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