Trekking the King's Trail in Sweden, 8 days

Abisko to Nikkaluokta, King's Trail, Sweden
Group size
No restrictions
Experience level
8 days
67 miles
Experience the greatness of the Wilderness above the Arctic Circle! This part of the King's Trail is the most famous and a 'must see' for all trekkers. Adjusted to minimize the risk of Covid-19.

About the trip

What is the King's Trail?
The King's Trail is one of Scandinavia's most famous and popular signature treks. The whole trail is actually about 273 miles (440 kilometers) through forests, over lakes and mountain passes and the Abisko to Nikkaluokta is one of the best ways to get a glimpse of what the whole trail has to offer.

During the trekk we will venture through the Abisko National Park and eventually pass by the highest mountain in Sweden - Kebnekaise. The last stretch will be along the Dag Hammarskjölds trail, named after the second General Secretary of the United Nations. Dag was very fond of this area.

Who is it for?
This trek is for anyone with moderate hiking and outdoor experience. You want to experience the wilderness of the north, well above the arctic circle with midnight sun during the summer. The immediate area we trekk through is about as large as Cairngorms National Park - but without any roads, hardly any cell coverage or infrastructure. The wilderness area continues southward like this another 3 or 4 times which invites for many more adventures in the area.

How do we sleep and eat?
We will stay in tents as this is the best way to ensure we have the proper social distancing. It is possible to have a single tent or share tents if you are booking as a group. We will cook all our food on outdoor stoves, again minimizing the risk of spreading disease. Water can be taken straight from the stream but we carry the means to purify water as an extra precaution.

How long do we trek each day?
Expect to be walking about 8 to 14 miles per day (12 to 22 km) at a slow to moderate pace. We are usually moving about 5-7 hours per day but have plenty of time to stop for photos and fika (snacks). We usually carry no more than 15 to 20 kilogram (33 to 45 pounds) and resupply at some cabins along the way.

This trip is highly adjustable, here are some suggestions.
Helicopter - 6 day trek instead of 8 - we utilize a helicopter to fly the first two stretches so we can instantly get on the trail.
Summit of Kebnekaise - Spend an extra one or two days depending on weather to explore the surroundings of the highest mountain of Sweden and attempt to summit.
Cabins - If you wish to rather sleep in cabins instead of tents, that can be arranged.
Rental Equipment - We can help you get all the equipment you may need in case you do not wish to fly with it.
Transport service from Stockholm or Kiruna
Route adjustment to walk even more off the path
Luggage storage in Kiruna or Abisko.


Travel to and from the starting location:
I recommend flying to Arlanda (Stockholm), then taking the night train to Abisko. Here we will all meet. It is also possible to stop in Kiruna (closest large city) to explore the town and drop off any luggage you do not wish to take with you on the hike. We will end the trip in Kiruna as we will be trekking from A to B.

To book the train from Arlanda to Abisko, please visit the governmental rail road company SJ:
(If SJ says that the ticket is not available to purchase, please ask me and I will call them to check as they do not always release all tickets in advance)

It is also possible to fly to Kiruna Airport and take the bus to Abisko which I will help you with.

On all the tours I will help you get the right and best national transportation to make sure you have a friction free process. Questions about getting to the starting location? Let me know and I will sort it out for you.


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Local Certified Mountain Leader
Safety Equipment
High Quality tents for Mountain use
Cooking and eating equipment such as gas stoves, mugs, plates, cutlery
Boat ride on lake Laddjujaure
Transfer from Nikkaluokta back to Kiruna (airport, train station and bus station).
Photos from the tour
Pre trip information event (online video)

Not included

Travel to STF Abisko Tourist Station
Travel from Kiruna
Some equipment: Sleeping bag, insulation mattress, sturdy hiking boots, toiletries and clothing and a backpack (70-90 liter). (A packing list will be sent out well in advance and will also be discussed during the pre trip information. Most items can be rented)
Food and drink: I will help you to plan all the meals, during the trek we will also be able to supply along the route so no worries, I am here to help.
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