Scrambling combines the skill of rock climbing with the endurance of hiking. Essentially low to middle grade rock climbing, scrambling is a fantastic way to travel across breathtaking scenery and develop essential mountaineering skills. Scrambling caters for all abilities, and there is some seriously challenging routes out there!

middle age couple scrambling up ridge line with sunset in the background
four people scrambling and rock climbing

Why use a guide for your next trip?

Having a guide not only reduces the risk of getting caught out in bad weather or unfamiliar terrain, excellent local knowledge will allow you to get the most out of your day. Find a guide that will help you achieve your ambitions with Guide Base.

group of people scrambling up tryfan

Qualified, Reviewed & Rated

Safety is our top priority and we always ensure the trips on offer are led by experienced guides with the necessary qualifications. Being keen scramblers ourselves, we understand the importance of good communication and confidence in your guide. Our integrated messaging system lets you chat with guides so you get the perfect match.