Guide Base COVID19 Plan

As COVID19 restrictions begin to lift and we can start thinking about outdoor activity again, we have put together a list of resources outlining the necessary precautions, do’s and don’t of post COVID adventure!

Mountaineering Scotland

Mountaineering Scotland Advice 

  • Stay local: Limit your travel to around 5 miles for recreation and follow the current public health advice for Scotland to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.
  • Be prepared: Car parks, toilets and other facilities remain closed.
  • Be safe: Plan ahead and stay well within your limits - whatever your activity - to avoid the need for rescue and emergency services.
  • Be considerate: Think about how your actions might impact on others and follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code at all times.

The British Mountaineering Council 

The BMC's Advice UK

The BMC's Advice Wales

Social distancing and hygiene

  • Stay at home if you are showing symptoms of C-19 or self-isolating.
  • Maintain social distancing of at least 2m from anyone outside of your household.
  • Be cautious of touching surfaces and shared equipment. Be committed to hand hygiene.

Climbing and hill walking

  • Scale back your ambitions: be cautious, choose objectives within your technical and physical limits to minimise the risk of accidents and injury.
  • Avoid very popular areas: seek out less frequented venues, be flexible and have backup plans to avoid overcrowding.
  • Check the BMC Regional Access Database: avoid crags with known nesting birds or access issues.
  • Where possible, stay local. Whilst this is not part of the government’s guidance, staying local will reduce the load on national parks and rural communities whilst they are sensitive to increased visitor numbers.


  • Be sensitive to your impact on rural communities and landowners: give houses, farm buildings, vehicles and people a wide berth. Help foster good relationships with local communities for the future. Inconsiderate actions will be damaging for all of us.
  • Be aware that some car parks may not be open due to staff shortages. Check if it’s feasible to access your planned destination before setting off.
  • Take care not to disturb wildlife which may have moved into unexpected areas during lockdown: cliff-nesting birds are likely to be on new crags due to the lack of visitors. Report new sightings to and back off if birds are showing signs of disturbance.
  • Be self-reliant, both when climbing and walking and during any travel. Local businesses are likely to remain closed.

UK Government 

UK Goverment Advice 

  • Check in advance if the facilities you want to use have reopened.
  • When exercising in the countryside remember to follow the countryside code and act responsibly.
  • If possible, hand sanitise at intervals if your sport or recreation means you have to touch communal surfaces.
  • Once you are home remember to wash your hands.
  • Try to avoid using shared equipment such as racquets and bats.
  • If catering facilities are open at the venue (for takeaway items) respect social distancing whilst queuing for food and drink. Do not share food items, cups, plates or eating utensils with anyone else.

We recommend continually monitoring government guidance as well as the British Mountaineering Council’s updates.

All information was accurate at the time of writing (26/06/2020).