The perks of rock climbing

12 March 2021
2 min

You may be like us, you may not be. When we exercise, we prefer to engage in activities that don’t feel like exercise. Scrap the indoor gyms and boring treadmills, rock climbing has everything you need to satisfy your thrill seeking and keep you in good shape! Sounds good right? Take a look at the benefits below.

1.       It provides a full body workout, engaging your legs, arms, shoulders, chest and back muscles.

2.       Improves your flexibility. If you’re not flexible when you start climbing, then you soon will be after a few months on the rocks!

3.       Improved stamina and endurance.

4.       Improves balance (obviously!)

5.       Burns calories. This is an important one. Like we said earlier, we’d rather be climbing mountains than plodding along on a treadmill, gazing at a reflection of yourself in a dirty mirror.

6.       It has low impact on the body. Unlike running and other sports, this is unlikely to leave you with long-term damage on your knees, ankles and other important moving parts on your body.


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