The importance of outdoor skills

02 April 2021
2 min

Throughout the history of the human race, we have journeyed across numerous continents and lived in a variety of different habitats, these of all required a unique set of outdoor skills in order to survive and flourish.  Before the technological revolution, it was essential to have a good knowledge of the local environment and master the basic fundamentals in order to survive and navigate in the wild. Sadly, these outdoor skills have largely been forgotten. We’re now in a world where GPS technology and smartphones lead the human brain, meaning we no longer have to think for ourselves.

Whilst it’s no longer the case that we need outdoor skills for survival, being able to navigate and survive in the wilderness still offers a wealth of benefits. At Guide Base, we think it’s important to have basic know-how and capability when it comes to the simplicities of surviving in the outdoors.

The important aspects include making a fire, building shelters, navigating over challenging landscapes/terrain and understanding weather patterns. You may think these skills are no longer needed in the modern day. But you couldn’t be more wrong.

Besides getting lost in the outdoors (which can happen very easily), other events make survival skills paramount. These include things like being caught in natural disasters, experiencing shifts in weather, accidents, and any other unforeseen circumstances which may require you to utilise these skills!

Having the ability to navigate well, step correctly in crampons or lighting a fire are just a few of the essential skills needed for outdoor adventure. Being competent and independent on adventures will keep you safe and ensure you have a great time. At Guide Base, we help you to find a skilled teacher to make your adventure more educational and more enjoyable. Get in touch today!

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