How to get into shape for a better rock climbing experience.

29 June 2020
3 min

We're all aware that rock climbing is a challenging sport. Training will not only improve your climbing ability, but it’ll help you to navigate the rocks safely. Getting in shape for rock climbing requires both strength and cardiovascular ability. Yes you’ll need to be strong, but you’ll also require fitness to excel throughout the entire climb. We’ve gathered some useful tips that you can use to take your rock climbing training to the next level.

Finger hangs – We recommend finger hangs to strengthen your hands. This exercise is designed to help improve your grip. To carry out this exercise, you can use a sturdy door frame or a low tree branch.

Pull-ups – Pull ups are the perfect way to improve and strengthen your back and shoulders. Bend your legs so that you’re hanging from the bar, then pull yourself up. Raise your chin above the bar, then lower yourself slowly back to start. To do this properly, make sure you control the entire range of motion. This will improve the effectiveness of the exercise.

Visit a rock climbing gym – What better way to improve your skills than by visiting a rock climbing gym? This will help you get practice with climbing whilst also building up your strength. Win win! We think it’s a good idea to visit the rock climbing gym 2-3 times a week as this will also help build your cardio capacity to cope with longer climbs. Over time, you’ll build the strength and cardio ability you need to improve future visits to the rocks.

Granted, it’s important to improve your strength and fitness, but it’s also just as important to eat a healthy, balanced diet. This will fuel you and your workouts for a better overall experience. With hard work and determination, you can climb higher, faster and longer! Opt for healthy carbohydrates and lean proteins within your meals, this will help ensure you stay on the right track and build the frame you need to exceed!

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