The great outdoors and mental health

11 June 2020
2 min

We all love the outdoors and fresh air, even more so with the current pandemic. As a collective, we’ve truly discovered how much there is to life outside the 4 walls of our respective bases. With extra time to spare, people have started to take notice of the green spaces and outdoor offerings that are available to them. In simple terms, it’s taught us how important it is to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Let’s face it, without it we’d go stir crazy.

You may think we’re biased, but this isn’t just our opinion. There is now growing evidence to suggest that exposure to natural environments can be associated with a whole range of mental health benefits. For example, spending time in amongst nature has been found to help with problems such as anxiety and depression.

For a number of reasons, being amongst amazing scenery such as mountains, valleys or woodland can begin to alter your perspective. It establishes feelings of wonder and insignificance to such an extent that you begin to feel calm and more at ease with life’s problems. This isn’t to say that going outside will immediately solve all your issues, but it will certainly aid in the process of recovery. That’s why we encourage everyone to get outdoors as best you can! Make the most out of a bad situation and push the limits to your adventure.

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