Abseiling - A quick fire guide

06 January 2021
2 min

Ready to make the jump into abseiling?

This fantastic activity involves the use of specialist rope as you descend down various terrain that is normally impossible to travel down. With the right equipment, training, and guidance, this exhilarating activity allows you to descend down from amazing height in a controlled and safe manor.

The definition of abseiling is fairly simple actually. The term comes from the German word abseilen, meaning ‘to rope down’. Abseiling was invented by Jean Charlet Straton, a mountain guide from Chamonix, France. During a solo attempt climbing the 3,700m high Petit Dru Mountain in the French Alps, Straton realised he needed a safe way to get back down – that’s when abseiling was born. The activity has since grown massively, encompassing all manner of different approaches and abseiling techniques.

If you’re looking to get into abseiling or further enhance your ability to descend down terrain, we can help. In order to execute a controlled descent from a vertical drop, you’ll need the correct equipment, and guidance on which rock face to fall from. Our expert guides are able to assist you in choosing the correct gear and making sure everything runs as safely as possible!

Safety is our top priority. At Guide Base, we ensure your abseiling trip is led by experienced guides who know what it takes to enjoy this trip in the best (and safest) way possible. Get in touch today to get your journey started. Our integrated messaging system lets you chat with guides so you know you’re getting the best individual match.

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